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Tutoring is an esteemed privilege that we cherish, as it allows us to play a pivotal role in shaping the academic journey of students. Whether working with students one-on-one or in a group setting, our commitment to guiding them toward academic excellence remains unwavering.

We believe that every student possesses a unique potential waiting to be unlocked, and it is our honor to provide the knowledge, mentorship, and support necessary to help them reach their full educational potential. Through personalized attention, tailored strategies, and a passion for teaching, we aim to not only foster a deep understanding of the subjects we teach but also instill a love for learning that will endure beyond the classroom.

Our mission is to empower students to not only achieve their academic goals but also to become confident, independent learners who will excel in their academic endeavors and beyond.



Art is one of the best ways to explore this world! 


At Enlightened Learning, we have designed a unique curriculum, hired the best instructors, and created an energetic environment full of imagination learning!  Our art teachers partner with their students giving them the opportunity to explore new forms of art while discovering their creativity. 

We offer a variety of classes for all ages! 

Homeschool Enrichment

At Enlightened Learning we encourage all forms of learning and love to see students of all grades succeed! Many of our students are homeschooled, and many of our tutors were in the past too! We offer learning pods, private sessions and group subject and art classes tailored to your student's needs.  Come study one-on-one or with friends and fellow homeschool students.

Classes cover areas from Art and History to Science and Math plus a whole bunch of other fun extras!

We welcome drop-offs and accept charter school funding.

* Heartland Charter School students are limited to 12 hours of offerings per week.  


Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your Birthday artist-style! Let us know some of your favorite colors and themes and we will do custom arts and crafts to celebrate your day with your friends! Parties start at 2+ hours of fun!

Contact us for dates, availability and party details!

Paint and Sip (21+)

Don't worry, we didn't forget the adults! We have a special class just for you! Learn the basics of painting with friends while enjoying a glass of wine! We are looking forward to encouraging each artist to pursue their creativity and enhance their skills in a relaxed and fun environment. We can also bring the fun to you!

Other Custom Classes

Want a class custom designed just for you and your friends? We have had a high demand for classes where friends and siblings can be together, so we decided to make it happen! Invite friends, siblings, parents or anyone up for some extra artistic fun! Let us work with you to find the best day and time that fits your busy schedules!

Tutoring and Art Center

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