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SUMMER Tutoring!


Why Summer Tutoring?

Summer tutoring is a great opportunity to fill in missing gaps and prepare for a successful next year!  Whether you are hoping to get ahead for fall or improve your understanding of difficult concepts from spring, summer tutoring is an excellent way to maintain your skills and build your confidence!  Sign up for a session below!


What makes us different?

At Enlightened Learning, we go beyond the basic concepts.  We work with our students to help them develop their skills and knowledge, better equipping them to succeed in their schoolwork. 


At the basic level, we help our students improve their understanding of the concepts.  On top of these expected goals, we aim to teach students organization, time management, focus, and self-discipline.

We believe that every student is unique.  Our goal is to determine where your student's struggle areas are, and help them fill in those missing links so that they may succeed.


We work to discover your student's individual learning style and partner with your student to develop efficient study skills, and build confidence.  Each session is tailored specifically to your student.

We offer tutoring for all ages, grades, and subjects.

To secure a time slot or for more information email, text, or call us at:   |   (805) 402-8402

Please see below for tuition information!


Life Skills!

Organization, time management, focus, and self-discipline -- these are life skills that will always benefit your student.  Implementing them now will create habits for the future as they take ownership of their binders, class notes, tests, and homework assignments. The details matter!  Occasionally we discover that our student is not struggling with the concept, but rather keeping their schedule clear.  If a student is forgetting assignments, losing papers, or cramming for a test at the last minute, this can result in a lower grade.  By learning how to self-manage, students will not only improve their grades but also reduce their stress levels. 



Does your student struggle with math?  From basic math concepts to actual rocket science, we can identify the missing links and work with your student to understand and overcome those struggle areas.  Confidence, as with all subjects, is a key component in surpassing difficult areas. 


We want our students to feel comfortable making mistakes.  As the old saying goes, "Mistakes are proof that you are trying."  Once a student is trying, we can then help them refine their abilities and comprehension of the subject!


Do random commas or dangling clauses pop up in your student's work? Do they understand how to put together an essay outline, rough draft, and final draft? Writing with eloquence and correct punctuation go a long way. We equip students to own their writing -- from proper punctuation to their main thesis idea.

"You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page.  You can't edit a blank page."

- Jodi Picoult

"Writing is easy.  All you have to do is cross out the wrong words." -Mark Twain

Summer Tutoring Costs

General Tutoring (8th grade level and younger) - starting at $55 per 55min session

Advanced Tutoring (9th grade level and higher) - starting at $70 per 55min session

SAT/College Prep Tutoring (limited availability) - $80 per hour session (summer pricing only)

NO long term commitment requirement! * NO registration fee! * Only 24hr notice needed to cancel an appointment!

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