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Summer Tutoring

Organization, Time Management, and Self-discipline

    These are life skills that will always benefit your student.  Implementing them now will create habits for the future as they take ownership of their binders, class notes, tests, and homework assignments. The details matter!  Occasionally we discover that our student is not struggling with the concept, but rather keeping their schedule clear.  If a student is forgetting assignments, losing papers, or cramming for a test at the last minute, this can result in a lower grade.  By learning how to self-manage, students will not only improve their grades but also reduce their stress levels.

Why Summer Tutoring?

Summer tutoring is a great opportunity to fill in missing gaps and prepare for a successful next year!  Whether you are hoping to get ahead for fall or improve your understanding of difficult concepts from spring, summer tutoring is an excellent way to maintain your skills and build your confidence!

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