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At Enlightened Learning we encourage all forms of learning and love to see students of all grades succeed! Many of our students are homeschooled, and many of our tutors were in the past too! We offer private sessions and group classes tailored to your student's needs to study one-on-one or with their friends and fellow homeschool students. Classes can study areas anything from Art and History to Science and Math! We love to support charter school students and accept school funding. Contact us for more information:

(805) 402-8402

Meet the Scientists (Grades 4-6)

This class is sure to expand your student's love and wonder of Science by going back the original scientists from the past and looking at the contributions of Aristotle, Galileo, Isaac Newton, and more. Which scientists developed the study of DNA, or discovered a new planet? Join us for this fun, educational and interactive class as we study the roots of Science! Classes are 55 minutes long and limited to 8 students.

Weekly Classes Tuesdays at 10am and 11am

Monthly Subscription: $110

Learning Pods

Come learn the basics of elementary subjects in a fun, interactive environment while getting to socialize with other home school students. Students will learn the basics of each grade level from, numbers, beginner words and math to upper elementary topics in Language Arts, Math and Art History. Students will get to explore different art mediums with friends and express their creativity while learning new art topics and concepts. Each 3 hour session will include school subjects, art projects and snack and lunch break. Limited to 8 students. All supplies are included.

Weekly Classes

1st Grade: Tuesdays 11am-2pm

3rd Grade: Wednesdays 12:15-3:15pm

Other grade pods available at custom times.

Monthly Subscription: $249

Open Art Time (Ages 5-12)

Open Art Time is a fantastic way to spend time exploring different art mediums and making new friends! During each session students will get to choose which art medium or craft supplies they wish to work with, such as acrylics, watercolors, 3-D art and more! Using their imaginations or borrowing ideas inspired by their instructor, students will take on their own creative project without having to make a mess at home. A creative art instructor will be available to share guidance and instruction into art topics and concepts students wish to discover. All art and craft supplies included. Sessions run weekly and are 55 minutes long. Students can sign up for one, two, three or all sessions each day for a full morning of artistic fun! 

Custom Class Time Availability 

Monthly Subscriptions: $75

Clay and Ceramics Class (Ages 7-10*)

Students will learn how to work with ceramic clay using a variety of tools and techniques to create a textured and colored ceramic tile and a decorative hand-built bowl or vase. Students will learn how to condition raw clay, make a clay slab, and how to use a variety of tools to make different textures on a tile. This tile will then be decorated using underglazes and then fired in a kiln. The piece will then be coated with a clear glaze and fired again. This class will continue to incorporate skills and techniques such as using coils to build 3-dimentional objects and how to attach slabs of clay to build three-dimensional decorated boxed with lids. As students progress, learning the fundamentals to using ceramic clay they can move on to practice clay throwing and learn the basic skills on a pottery wheel. *This class is designed for students 7-10 but other ages may be permitted upon request to allow students to attend class with siblings and friends. Weekly classes are an hour and 25 minutes long and limited to 8 students. All art supplies and tools are included.

Weekly Classes Thursdays 10:15am and 2pm

Monthly Subscription: $140

Mixed Media Art Class (Ages 3-12)

Does your student just LOVE to do arts and crafts? Whether they are carefully working with details or getting both hands into glue and paint, learning to express creativity at an early age is an amazing skill to learn. These classes are designed for students to learn more about art skills and topics and be exposed to different mediums to explore which are their favorites! Classes are held weekly 55 minutes long and limited to 6-8 students. All art supplies and tools are included. 

Ages 3-5: Limit 6 students

Weekly Classes Wednesdays 10:30am

Monthly Subscription: $65

Ages 5-9: Limit 8 students

Weekly Classes Wednesdays 9:30am, 3:30pm and 4:30pm

Monthly Subscription: $75

Ages 10-12: Limit 8 students

Weekly Classes Tuesdays 9am

Monthly Subscription: $85

Animal Class (Ages 4-10) 

Enlightened Learning is ALL about learning and making it FUN! We love learning about animals, science, doing art and making new friends, so why not do it all at once? Fun Fridays are 2 hours of learning fun where students get to learn about a cool creature each week, discuss interesting facts, ask questions, and interact with a real live animal! Students get to ask questions and do fun art projects about their new critter friends! Some of the animals include a Leopard Gecko, Tarantula, Scorpion, King Snake, Gopher Snake, Chinchilla, Diabolical Iron Clad Beetles, Roly Polys, Blue-Tongue Skink, Guinea Pigs, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Rabbit, Ball Python, Corn Snake and More! All art supplies included. Classes are held weekly and limited to 12 students.

Fridays 1-3pm and 3:30-5:30pm

Single Session: $20

Monthly Subscription: $75

Upper Elementary Book Club (Grades 3-6)

Reading is always more fun when shared with friends! Come join us for our Weekly Book Club sessions designed for students in grades 3-6. We will read a new book each month and discuss various topics found throughout each book. Students will be giving the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts about each book. Each session we will cover more of our Book Club book and will have activities, and open-ended discussions relating to the literature. Reading will be share between time at home and group reading in class. Classes are 55 minutes long and limited to 8 students.

Weekly Classes Wednesdays 11am

Monthly Subscription: $89

Glass Work and Jewelry Making (Ages 10+)

Have you ever seen beautiful handmade jewelry? Bracelets, earrings and necklaces? Or glass creations that have been worn or used for decoration? Come explore the world of glass work and jewelry making! You will get to learn the fundaments of working with glass, glass cutting, breaking and piecing together to be melted together in the kiln! Students will get to learn how to create glass sun catchers and decorative beads. These, along with other creations can be formed into beautiful jewelry and trinkets. You will also get to learn the fundaments of working with beads, wires, and learning to piece together metal and string with special pliers and tools! Classes are 55 minutes long and limited to 8 students.

Weekly Classes Thursdays 12pm

Monthly Subscription: $110

Creative Writing Workshop (Grades 3-5)

Does your student have a knack for writing, story telling or is interested in learning how to put their creative thoughts to paper? Come join our Creative Writing Workshop! Students will learn how to process their creative thoughts bringing them to life in a coherent strand of sentences and paragraphs to create their very own creative stories. They will learn and use various grammar concepts as well as how to construct an intro, body, and conclusion of a short story. Each week, the students will be able to create and develop short stories with the help of a teacher. Once each story is finished, students can choose to read their stories aloud to the class before jumping into their next project! Classes are 55 minutes long and limited to 8 students.

Custom Class 

Monthly Subscription: $89

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