Levitating Books

Charter Schools

Enlightened Learning Tutoring and Art Center is excited to work with Charter Schools opening new recourses to students of all grades in Tutoring, Art and more! 

Science Class


At Enlightened Learning we encourage all forms of learning and love to see students of all grades succeed! Many of our students are homeschooled, and many of our tutors were in the past too! We offer private sessions and group classes tailored to your student's needs to study one-on-one or with their friends and fellow homeschool students. Classes can study areas anything from Art and History to Science and Math! Contact us for more information about getting your students for learning out of the house!


Channel Islands

Maritime Museum

Enlightened Learning has partnered with one of our favorite local museums, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum in Oxnard. We are excited to share our love of learning and our passion for the arts as we explore past artists and discover new skills and techniques. Classes will begin Spring 2022! Please contact us for more information! 

Contact us for more information!

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