Photography Classes

Have you have wanted to learn how to use a digital cameral? Or how to get the proper lighting for your shots? Perhaps all those buttons and settings are a lot to comprehend? Come learn the basic understandings of photography made simple and take on the would around us through a whole new perspective!


Photography for Beginners

This course is geared toward students ages 9-13. The class covers a brief history of photography, camera settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO), how to use their camera and various pieces of photo equipment (reflectors and diffusors), the basics of composition, and how to work with natural and artificial light.


A digital camera is required and must be provided by student. Any digital camera will work but the camera must have a way to digitally upload your photographs to a computer (iPhones, point-and-shoots, DSLRs) but a DSLR is recommended to ensure each student can get the most out of this course. (Make sure you bring any extra batteries, cords or memory cards your specific camera may need.) 

Weekly Classes, $99/mo

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