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Clay and Ceramics

Have you ever wondered how ceramic bowls, tiles and vases are Made? Come learn from scratch how to work with clay and show your creativity in a whole new way!

Hand Building Ceramics

Students will learn how to work with ceramic clay using a variety of tools and techniques to create a textured and colored ceramic tile and a decorative hand-built bowl or vase. Students will learn how to condition raw clay, make a clay slab, and how to use a variety of tools to make different textures on a tile. This tile will then be decorated using underglazes and then fired in a kiln. The piece will then be coated with a clear glaze and fired again.
Weekly Classes, $140/mo

Classes Held Thursdays

*A minimum of 6 students required per class

Ceramics Continued

This class is a continuation of working with ceramics from Hand Building Ceramics . This class builds on the basic skills covered in Hand Building Ceramics, incorporating different skills and techniques such as coils to make to build three-dimensional objects and how to attach slabs of clay to build a three-dimensional decorated box with a lid. At the end of the term students will have made two finished projects.

Weekly Classes, $140/mo

*A minimum of 6 students required per class


12:30pm-1:55pm - $140/month

2pm-3:25pm - $140/month

3:30pm-4:25pm - $110/month

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