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Clay and Ceramics




Students will learn how to work with ceramic clay using a variety of tools and techniques to create a textured and colored ceramic tile and a decorative hand-built bowl or vase. Students will learn how to condition raw clay, make a clay slab, and how to use a variety of tools to make different textures on a tile. This tile will then be decorated using underglazes and then fired in a kiln. The piece will then be coated with a clear glaze and fired again. This class will continue to incorporate skills and techniques such as using coils to build 3-dimentional objects and how to attach slabs of clay to build three-dimensional decorated boxed with lids. As students progress, learning the fundamentals to using ceramic clay they can move on to practice clay throwing and learn the basic skills on a pottery wheel. *This class is designed for students 7-12 but other ages may be permitted upon request to allow students to attend class with siblings and friends. Weekly classes are an hour and 25 minutes long.

Tutoring and Art Center

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